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How we work

Your home is the place where you want to feel safe. A home where you can relax after a busy day. Your own place where you can truly be yourself. Together with you, Studio van ’t Wout designs your favourite living space.

It’s all about you
We feel that the interior of your home should properly match your personality, lifestyle, and of course, your home wishes. That is why we like to talk to you extensively, ask questions, and listen well. In our design store and our at home department, we can give you ideas and advice.

Dream home in steps
As soon as there is mutual confidence and something clicks, our interior designers get to work with you. We guide you with our unique  Home Interior Roadmap all the way from the non-binding orientation talk to the final design.

Pleasant surprise
We can create a modern and timeless design in which you can find yourself completely form your living room, kitchen, bathroom, or even a complete house. With special design furniture and creative solutions, things end up slightly different and more special than you expected.

Studio van ’t Wout works with  longterm partners in the field of custom furniture, styling, large or small renovations, home automation, special visuals, and art. Because we have known their methods and strengths for many years, we can achieve particularly appealing solutions.

Aesthetic project management
We ensure that the realisation of the interior design proceeds as promised. Thanks to our aesthetic project management, you are assured that the correct colours are used on the walls and the lighting is implemented according to plan. With construction and renovation projects, we work closely with the contractor and installers.

Do you want more information without obligation?
Call us at 070 392 2747 or send an e-mail to Saskia or Arie