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Arie Alderliesten

Arie Alderliesten is designer and co-owner at Studio van ’t Wout.


Who is
Arie is a true creative spirit and a man of feeling. He is great at one-on-one communication and creating a bond of trust with the client.

Good at
Arie is a concept developer and a great listener. He has a strong tendency towards perfection and can guide any project excellently with his attention to detail. It cannot be complicated enough.

As a forerunner of interior concepts for Het Nieuwe Werken, Arie is proud of projects such as the new headquarters for Alcatel-Lucent in Hoofddorp and the office of Eiffel in Arnhem.

Truly important
Trust, teamwork, creativity, being a good sport, entrepreneurship, working with passion, sincere interest in people, balance.

Life motto
Health combined with passion and happiness, that is the ultimate and most feasible. Satisfaction is an added gift.